Why Should You Hire A Pro For Your Annual Steam Boiler Maintenance?

Although forced-air heating is typical in many newer homes, steam boilers are still exceptionally common across multiple regions on the east coast. Steam heating systems are efficient and often long-lasting, which is why so many older homes still use steam radiators. However, ensuring your system lasts for as long as possible means keeping up with your annual maintenance. While you can attempt to do some aspects of maintenance on your own, it's often a better idea to schedule a visit with a professional HVAC technician at least once per year.

What Are The Consequences Of Ignoring Timely AC Maintenance And Repairs?

Though an air conditioner improves air quality and comfort in your home, it requires proper maintenance to ensure optimal performance. You may not reap maximum benefits from the system if you do not service it regularly.  Keep in mind that even a newly installed air-conditioning system will require routine servicing for better performance. Ignoring timely maintenance and repair of your AC could lead to the following consequences. Your AC Will Experience Frequent Breakdowns

A Guide To AC Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant is a vital component in your air conditioner, as this is what circulates through the system and removes the heat from the air — effectively creating the cold air that blows into your home. If the refrigerant leaks out, your AC unit will no longer cool your home properly. Cause Refrigerant should circulate in a closed system, which means it doesn't leak out, get used up, or typically require refilling.

5 Drain Cleaning Tips You Can Try At Home

Every homeowner understands the frustration that comes with dealing with a clogged drain. Somehow, blocked drains come up at the worst time—in the middle of taking a hot shower or doing dishes or when you're in a hurry. Before frustration kicks in, here are five easy drain cleaning hacks you can try at home. Boiling Water  Hot water can do wonders, especially for a blocked drain. You can easily access boiling water using a kettle, microwave, or stove.

What Can You Learn From The Lights On Your Air Conditioner?

If you have a newer HVAC system, you may have noticed a circuit board with visible LEDs. Although designs vary between manufacturers, you can usually find this board behind a plastic or glass panel, allowing you to see the integrated diagnostic lights. These LEDs provide you with information about the current status of your air conditioner and can alert you to potential trouble. Under normal conditions, you should see at least one light illuminated on the control board.