About Air Ducts & Central Air Conditioning System Inefficiency

Does your central air conditioning system take longer to reach the temperature on the thermostat lately? The problem can be rooted in the air duct system, which may need to be cleaned or repaired. Find out below what can go wrong with air ducts and cause air conditioning system inefficiency, as well as what getting the problem fixed is estimated to cost.

What Can Go Wrong with Air Ducts to Cause System Inefficiency?

One of the things that may be occurring in the duct system is a leakage of air. If you have never had the duct system inspected for damage, it is possible that there are cracks present. When air passes through the ducts, a portion of it is likely seeping out through the cracks. You only feel a limited amount of cold air by the time the remaining air makes it out of the vents. A contractor will need to repair the cracks or replace the air duct system altogether.

Another reason for the lack of air efficiently can be due to the air ducts having a lot of dirt and debris in them. There can also be rodent carcasses, dead insects and pests in the duct system that is preventing air from flowing smoothly. You must get the air ducts thoroughly cleaned if you want your air conditioning system to work efficiently.

You may also want to get the blower fan cleaned as well. Dirt can accumulate on the blower fan and prevent it from rotating as fast as it should. Make sure the evaporator coil is cleaned along with the air ducts, as the coil is the main source for creating cold air. Dirt on the coil will prevent warm air from touch the metal and cooling down as it goes through the duct system.

What is the Estimated Cost of Air Duct Cleaning?

You can expect to pay at least a minimum of $400 to get your air ducts professionally cleaned. However, the price can go as high as $1,000. The overall price will depend on what kind of services are being done, as well as how big the air duct system is. The complexity of the task will also be factored into the price.

Having to run a central air conditioning system longer because of the air ducts can waste energy. Contact an air conditioning contractor to get your air duct system serviced as soon as possible! To find out more about air conditioning, speak with a business like Enright and Sons.