3 Causes Of Water Leaks From Central Air Conditioning Systems

When it is hot outside, your central air conditioning system might run almost constantly to keep up with the demands of the thermostat, but you should not be seeing big puddles of water next to your indoor AC unit. If you notice a big puddle of water, it might be wise to call a company to come and repair your unit. Water leaks from an AC unit are not normal or good, and they are often caused by one of these three issues.

Clogged drain line

A central AC system has a drain line, which is used to eliminate condensation created during the AC process. While all systems produce a little condensation, a system should not produce puddles of water. When there is a lot of water near an AC system, it could be due to a clogged drain line.

The drain line from an AC system can become clogged over time, simply because it is exposed to humidity. Humid conditions lead to the growth of mold and algae, which can accumulate in the line causing blockages. If your drain line is clogged, it will lead to water leaks, but the problem can be fixed by cleaning out the line.

Dirty air filter

Another common cause of water leaking from an AC system is a dirty air filter. An air filter in a system is used to clean the air before the system cools it, but this process does not work well when the air filter is dirty.

A dirty air filter can lead to water leaks because it stops the airflow to the evaporator coils of the AC system. When this happens, ice begins forming. As the ice naturally melts, it will drip on your floor, causing water puddles.

An AC repair company is likely to look at your air filter to see if it is dirty. If so, they will change the filter, and this could stop the problem you are having.

System is low on coolant

The third common cause for water leaks is low coolant in the system. Your AC system relies on the coolant gas it contains, but this gas can sometimes escape. As it escapes, your system may not have enough coolant in it. This problem can also lead to ice forming on the system, which will melt and drip on the floor.

Water leaks from central AC systems should be addressed right away. If you do not fix the problem, your system might stop running. To get help, call a company that offers 24 hour air conditioning repairs in your neighborhood. 

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