3 Ways To Properly Care For Your AC Unit

Many homeowners wonder what they can do to keep their energy bill low without having to turn off their AC all together. What they may not understand is that the AC unit may be working too hard and not as well as it should because it isn't properly cared for. If you can keep your AC unit in tip top shape, it will save you money and work for years to come. Here are a couple things you need to know about caring for your unit.

1. Keep The Outdoor Unit Clean and Unobstructed

One of the first things you should do is keep the outdoor unit clean. When the unit is installed, try to keep it away from shrubbery and trees. If it is too close to the leaves it could suck them in while it is on and could become extra dirty. Instead, you should place it somewhere out in the open where it can easily pick up clean air, but by the house so it is protected from the elements.

Every so often you should go out and make sure that the unit is clean. If it has a good amount of dirt or debris around it, it should be cleaned. This will help to ensure that the unit is able to do its job right.

2. Look For Water Coming From The Unit

You should also be checking in on your unit often. The unit itself shouldn't be leaking any water. If it is, it means that the unit has some sort of leak that makes the unit not work properly. It could also mean that you have a Freon leak, which is very dangerous and should not be touched. This is why you should call for immediate assistance if you notice fluid coming from the indoor unit.

3. Change The Filter Often

You can easily care for your own unit by changing the filter often. The filter is what helps the unit to suck in clean air that can be used for cooling the house. If the filter gets extra dirty with dirt and debris, it will cause the unit to have to suck extra hard to work properly.

In addition, if the air filter is dirty it will negatively affect the air quality of the home. This is why you should be checking the filter often and changing it as needed.

By doing these things you can keep your AC unit working efficiently. For professional help with your AC unit, contact a service like Long Beach Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.