3 Ways Low Refrigerant Affects Your Air Conditioning System

Your air conditioning system needs a lot of different components to keep it in proper working order at all times. One of the main components it needs is refrigerant. When refrigerant starts running low, it can end up causing a number of problems along the way. To help you gain an understanding of how low refrigerant is going to end up affecting your air conditioning system, here are three things you need to know.

Low refrigerant can make your system stop working completely.

Your system needs a certain amount of refrigerant to function properly. Without it, your system will end up shutting down and stopping completely. If your system is working properly, it isn't going to lose any refrigerant at all. It will remain at a consistent level. However, corroded lines, a bad connection and other forms of damage can cause your system to start leaking coolant. As the coolant levels drop more and more, your system is going to struggle to do its job. All of that added stress and strain will end up causing the untimely failure of your air conditioning system.

Low refrigerant prevents your indoor coil from being able to absorb heat.

If your system doesn't have enough coolant in it, your coils aren't going to be able to absorb the heat in your home to help cool it down. Not only will your system have to work harder, but your coil will begin icing over. The more ice that forms on your coil, the less capable your system will be of absorbing all the excess heat in your home. As time wears on, your system won't be able to cool whatsoever, thus leaving you sweltering inside of your home.

Your compressor could end up getting damaged.

Once the refrigerant levels drop too low, there is a good chance that your compressor is going to end up damaged and in need of replacement or repair. The compressor is what takes the refrigerant and pushes it through into your system. If the charge starts dropping too low in your system, your compressor goes into overdrive trying to keep up with everything. This is one repair you want to avoid, if at all possible, as it can be quite costly.

Now that you know how your coolant levels can affect your system, you can work to make sure your system is in top working order at all times. Contact a company like McFoy Refrigeration, Inc. for more information.