4 Health Problems Potentially Caused By Your Home's Air Conditioner

Air conditioners that aren't functioning properly can do more than make your home warm. There are actually health conditions that you could be more at risk for due to an AC unit that is not functioning properly. Know about these 4 health risks that could affect you and those in your home.

Respiratory Infections

An AC unit that has not been properly maintained can increase your chance of getting a respiratory tract infection. This includes a sore throat, cold, laryngitis, or sinus problem. Some symptoms you should look out for include a fever, runny nose, and coughing. Bacteria is responsible for causing the infection, which can happen when air isn't being properly circulated from something as simple as an air filter that is dirty.

Legionnaire Disease

Legionella is a severe pneumonia that bacterium is responsible for causing. Some of the symptoms would include a high fever over 104 F, a headache, muscle pain, coughing blood, or confusion. It's a very serious condition, especially for older members in your home that have an immune system that could be compromised. The bacteria responsible for causing legionnaire disease can be found inside a home's air conditioner due to the moisture inside it.  It's a great reason to have your air conditioner cleaned to make sure there is no bacterium in it. 


Be concerned if someone in your home has a high sensitivity or is allergic to different kinds of fungus, because mold can live inside an air conditioner and spread throughout your home. In addition to allergic reactions, the mold can cause more health issues related to the mycotoxins that it produces. Your best course of action is to keep your ductwork free of condensation and debris. If you do suspect that mold is in your HVAC system, you'll need professional help cleaning up the mold so that it is gone for good.


Do you experience chronic headaches? You may want to make a note about when you have them. If it's while you are in your house with your AC running, it could be from an air conditioning unit that needs to be repaired due to how it is affecting the air quality. When the air is not ideal due to carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels in the air, it will cause discomfort in the form of migraine headaches.

If you do have a health problem that does not seem to go away, don't forget that it could be your air conditioner that is causing the problem. Have a professional like Comfort Pros come out to your home to inspect and repair the unit for you.