Signs That You Should Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Dust, dirt, and mold can all collect in your air ducts. This debris then circulates through your home each time the air conditioner or furnace pops on. In some cases this is simply a nuisance, while in others it can aggravate allergies or affect breathing. Air duct cleaning can solve this issue. The following are some signs that it may be time to consider cleaning your ducts.

#1: Musty or stale odors

A musty or stale older reminiscent of mildew may mean that you have mold spores in your ducts. Some musty smells are normal when you first fire on the system for the season, but if they persist after a day or so you may have mold. Mold can cause major breathing issues if allowed to circulate through your home, so it's a good idea to turn off the system and schedule a cleaning.

#2: Recent remodeling

Remodeling and construction in the home results in a lot of dust getting into the HVAC system. Even if you turn the system off and try to contain the dust to the work zone, some will work it's way into your ducts. Scheduling a cleaning after the remodeling is complete will help prevent that dust from being blown all over the house.

#3: Pest infestation

Many pests use the duct work for moving through the home and nesting, which means their droppings and nesting materials can end up in the air you breathe. If you have recently had your home treated for rodents and insect pests, you may also want to have your ducts cleaned. This is especially true if there are signs that the pests were in the ducts, such as droppings found near air vents and registers. A cleaning after treatment will catch any of the pests that die in your duct system so that you won't have a rotten odor blown through your home.

#4: Dusty environment

For those that live in dry, dusty environments, such as off of a dirt road or in a desert area, it's common for ducts to collect a lot of dust and dirt. Blowing the dust into the air affects breathing and can lead to health problems. Periodic duct cleaning will remove this dust, while switching to a HEPA filter with finer openings can then minimize the amount of dust entering the system.

Click here or contact an air duct cleaning service in your area for more information on how frequently you should clean your duct work.