Understanding How Dirt Can Prevent The Air Ducts From Working Properly

When the air duct system starts to get clogged down, you may notice that dust sifts through the air ducts each time you turn on your home's heating or cleaning unit. This could be caused by a variety of reasons, such as pet hair, dust from a recent remodeling project, or dust from the grill plates concealing your air registers. The dust sifting through the air may be an indicator that it's time to have your air duct system cleaned out.

Air Filters

The interior HVAC may end up with dust coatings on the air duct surfaces, vents, motor, and coil springs. The collection of dust and debris can lead to a breeding environment for bacteria, mold, dust mites, and other allergens. For this reason, the HVAC systems are equipped with air filters to contain all the dust and debris that filter through your home's air stream. However, the air filters may not remove all the dust and debris from the air duct system. For this reason, it's essential that you check the condition of your air ducts if you notice dust sifting through the air as mentioned above.

Heat Exchangers And Condensers

Because dirt and dust can restrict the HVAC unit from working properly, it's possible that the heat exchangers will not heat up your house efficiently. The condenser coils can also get clogged with dirt and prevent cool air from flowing properly during the summer. The heat exchangers and condensers will require more energy and fuel to operate properly if they remain clogged.

Blower Fan And Motor

Dirt and dust can travel to various part of your ducting system, including trapping debris onto and inside of the blower fan and motor on your HVAC unit. The blower fan and motor may not start if the filter and ventilation unit is clogged with dust. Although you may hear the HVAC system making a humming noise when you turn it on, it's possible you may not feel any air or heat coming through the vents. If this happens, you will also need to have the blower fan and motor cleaned off in addition to the air ducts.

Compressors And Hydro Pumps

The compressors and hydro pumps will break-down due to the constant wear and tear on your HVAC unit caused by prolonged use and stress put on the system. In addition, the burners and motor bearings that keep the pilots operable on the unit will also start to malfunction if the air filter is not cleaned and any clogged air ducts are not cleaned out as well.

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