Installing A New Air Unit? Here's What You Need To Know About Costs

Whether you are replacing an outdated unit or planning to install a new central air system for the first time, the costs of this project will no doubt be one of your primary concerns. Because there are so many variables involved in this project and because it can be one of the more costly home enhancements, there is often a lot of confusion surrounding the costs involved. Before you get started with picking the right system and contractor for the project, there are bound to be a few questions floating around that you want to know the answers to where costs are concerned. Here are a few of the most common questions and the answers you will want to know. 

In general, how much do homeowners spend overall on air conditioning system installation?

It can be difficult to track down an average because there are so many different things that can affect the end costs of this kind of project. For example, if you have an old system that will have to be removed first, you will likely pay more and the price can even be affected by your geographic location. However, as a general estimate, you should expect the project to cost somewhere between $3692 and $7164, which is the national average

What are some factors that could mean your air conditioning insulation will be more costly?

There are always going to be some homeowners who will be facing a larger bill for their home cooling system installation than others. A few examples of factors that can make your project higher than most would include:

  • if your home is larger and requires a larger unit, which would be more expensive
  • if the installation of your system is especially challenging, such as no attic space for installing overhead ductwork
  • if you have a badly deteriorated air system in place that takes extra time to remove

Are there parts of an old system you can keep in place to save money?

There definitely can be some components that can be saved and kept in place if you are looking to save money. However, these system components should be in good working order so you do not compromise the efficiency of the new system installed. Say you choose to keep existing ductwork in place instead of having new ductwork installed. If this ductwork is outdated and has leaks or perforations, your new system will be nowhere near as effective and efficient as it should be. 

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