Dealing With Gas Boiler Problems

If you are tired of your gas boiler working in a sporadic manner, it might be time for it to be repaired or replaced. You must understand that maintenance must be done every now and then in order for a boiler to remain functional. Before tossing your problematic boiler out, hire a contractor to inspect it to find out if repairs can bring it back to a good condition. There might only be a minor problem that is in need of a repair. In this article, you will discover a few of the things that can go wrong with a gas boiler.

The Pilot Has Problems

The main thing that can go wrong with a gas boiler is the pilot becoming problematic. The orifice is the part of the pilot that you need to get inspected. It is possible that your boiler works in a sporadic way because the orifice has dirt trapped inside of it. The orifice might also be bent and rusty because you have had the boiler for a long time. It is possible for a contractor to replace the orifice if it is the reason for your boiler malfunctioning.

The Boiler is Covered in Limescale

Did you know that hard water can have a bad effect on how well a boiler is able to function? If you have hard water in your house, it is a good idea to invest in getting a treatment system installed. Your boiler might have problems because limescale has accumulated in large amounts, but a contractor can easily remove it. Basically, limescale is simply a large amount of minerals that are left behind by hard water. A treatment system will come in handy because it can remove some of the minerals, which means that less limescale will build up in the boiler.

Air Has Accumulated in Boiler Parts

Air is one of the things that can be detrimental to a boiler. As air accumulates in parts of the boiler, it can cause them to malfunction. The radiators to the boiler are some of the parts that can accumulate large amounts of air, but you should get the pipes inspected for air as well. A contractor will be able to release the air if it is causing problems for your boiler. It is actually easy to detect when air has accumulated because you will begin to hear your boiler making gurgling sounds, but they will go away once the air has been removed.

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