Radiant Heating And Alternative Energy: 3 Things That You Will Want To Know About Biomass Boiler Maintenance

If you are using a radiant heating system, then you may want to consider alternative energy solutions, such as biomass. Boilers that use biomass fuels are substantially different from conventional heating systems, and they are going to need specific type of maintenance and care. Here are some tips that will help with the maintenance of your biomass boiler during the winter heating season:

1. Biomass Fuel Materials and Keeping Them Flowing to The Boiler

If you have a biomass boiler, then one of the things that you want to be pendent of is the fuel system. If your boiler runs out or low on fuel, it can cause it to stop. Make sure that the storage bin or silo is full of fuel materials, and that they are being fed to the boiler. If your boiler stops because it becomes low on fuel, what you will need to do is feed the material to the boiler for a short period of time before you turn the boiler back on.

2.Keeping the Ash in The Burning Compartment Clean

The burning compartment is another area of your boiler that you will want to be pendent of is the burning compartment or chamber, which can quickly become full of ash and cause the boiler to stop. Make sure that you clean the burning compartment out at least once a month during the winter months when you are using your heating the most. You may need to clean the ash more often when the weather is coldest and less frequently when you are only using the boiler for hot water. Many modern biomass boilers have a quick-connection system to connect a small compressor to automatically clean the ash, so it does not become too much of a problem.

3. Cleaning the Tubes and Exhaust System of Biomass Boilers

Boilers have tubes where flames and heat pass through to provide heat for the boiler. These tubes eventually become covered with soot and ash, and will need to be cleaned. In addition to cleaning the tubes of your boiler, you will also need to clean the exhaust flue. Problems with the tubes and exhaust of biomass boilers can lead to micro explosions and errors that cause your boiler to shut down when you need heating.

These are some tips that will help with the maintenance needs of your biomass boiler system during the winter heating months. If you need help with installation, maintenance or repairs to your boiler, contact a heating service such as D & R Service Inc to ensure you have energy-efficient heating this year.