3 Reasons An Apartment Building Would Have To Have A Plumbing Overhaul

As the owner of an apartment building, you will probably get more complaint calls about plumbing-related issues tenants are having than anything else. Even though this tends to be normal, there are some situations when you may be getting a lot of calls because the building needs a complete plumbing overhaul. Landlords often struggle with the question of when it would be wise to make such a huge change in their building. Here's a look at three reasons an apartment building would need a complete plumbing overhaul.

There is a lot of corrosion inside the pipes.

Corrosion inside of the plumbing pipes is actually a more common problem than what a lot of building owners know or believe. If you have metal plumbing lines, especially if they are older, the materials can break down or corrode over time. With water flowing inside of the lines, it is common for corrosion to begin inside the lines where you can't actually see it. What you will see though is a change in the color or quality of your water from the tap. You may spot floating bits of rusty metal or a brown hue to your water, so if tenants are complaining, it is a good indication of hidden corrosion.

The pipes in the building are made from lead products.

Lead pipes were used in homes and buildings for a lot of years because of their resiliency, but lead plumbing pipes are not something you want still hanging around in your building. Even though the lead will be distributed into the water in low concentrations, it is still a concern. Likewise, if there are lead-based solders and joint compounds used, this is just as dangerous for your tenants.

The pipes no longer meet local building codes.

Building codes are an ever-evolving thing, which is why some states and cities actually require old buildings to be re-assessed every so often to ensure there are no codes in violation that should be repaired. If the plumbing pipes you have in your old building are no longer suitable according to local building codes and regulations, they may have to be replaced. In some places, you can actually be fined if you do not make these upgrades in a certain time frame.

At the end of the day, the more safe and functional your building's plumbing components are, the happier the tenants will be and the more functional the place will be. If you suspect the plumbing in your apartment building needs to be overhauled, reach out to a professional plumbing repair service for help.