Air Conditioning Myths That You May Believe That You Shouldn't

When it comes to your air conditioning unit, there are many myths floating around. This means that you may have heard some of these myths. Unfortunately, depending on who or where you heard the myth from, you may believe it. Read on to learn about three air conditioning myths and why you should stop believing these myths. 

The Bigger Your Air Conditioner is, The More Effective It Will Be at Cooling Your Home

One of the myths out there about air conditioning units is that the bigger your air conditioning unit is, the more effective it will be at cooling your home. Unfortunately, this is not the case. If your air conditioning unit is too large for your home, it may cool your home too quickly. This is detrimental because air conditioning units complete cycles when cooling air for your home. If the cycle is not completed, the air conditioning unit can freeze up or parts may wear unevenly. Selecting the right-sized unit helps your air conditioner to complete the cooling cycle, helping it to properly function without unneeded wear. 

Closing Your Vents Will Help to Cool the Parts of the Home You Want Cooled Faster

Another myth related to air conditioners is that you can close off the vents in the rooms you don't need cooled to help the parts of your home you want cooled cool faster. When you go to cool your home, you set your thermostat to a setting, such as 75 or 78 degrees. But, if there are rooms in your home that are not cooling because the vent is closed, the hot air from that room can seep out, causing your cool air to heat up. This increases the temperature in your home, which your thermostat picks up on. In turn, this causes your AC to kick back on. Leaving the vents open helps the home to cool evenly, which can actually help all of the spaces to cool faster. 

There is No Reason to Maintain Your Air Conditioner if It Is Running Properly

The last myth about air conditioning units is that you don't need to maintain your air conditioner if it is running properly. It is strongly recommended that you have your unit professionally, cleaned, maintained and inspected annually. Routine air conditioning maintenance helps to extend the life of your air conditioning unit and ensure everything is functioning properly. This helps to catch problems before they turn into larger ones. 

Your air conditioning unit needs to be properly sized and maintained to cool your home as efficiently as possible. An air conditioning maintenance company can help you to maintain your current unit, so it lasts as long as possible. When your existing unit dies, they can help you select the correct sized replacement unit and install it. Contact an AC maintenance company today if you have any questions about your AC unit or you need to schedule a maintenance appointment.