How To Prep Your HVAC For Vacation

When you plan a vacation, there are likely many fun thoughts going through your mind. Thinking about fun destinations, shopping for new clothes, the activities you plan to do while you are away, all make for great vacation planning. One thing you may not have planned is how you will handle your HVAC while you are away. Though not as fun a topic, making plans for your HVAC system while you are away is important so that you do not come back to a home that is not properly tempered. Here are some easy things you can do to keep your HVAC system safe while you are away:

Do Not Turn It Off

One mistake many people make when they go away from home is turning their unit off completely. The HVAC is meant to run continuously. If it is not active for a long time, you may find your system does not work as well when it is turned back on. The components can take some time to start up again after a long period of non-use. Moisture can also build up inside the unit, which is not ideal. This can result in mold and mildew growth.

Instead, turn the thermostat up higher than you would normally leave it when you are away. This way, your system is not running too often but is still operating enough to keep it healthy.

Plan for the Weather

You never know when bad weather will pop up, so be sure you have a plan in place in case you lose power or encounter some other kind of storm damage. Before you leave for your vacation, take some time to trim any nearby branches or other potential hazards close to your outdoor condenser. Clear away any objects in your yard that could potentially take flight and collide with your HVAC.

Check Your Vents

Many homeowners will close vents to rooms at different points during the day, such as in the bathroom or in a bedroom, to make the room a little warmer or cooler than the rest of the house. Before you leave, make sure all the air vents in your home are open. This will make sure air is flowing properly through the system and into your home. HVAC works best with maximum airflow.

If you notice any issues with your HVAC before you leave for your vacation, contact air conditioning services. It is best to have any problems fixed before you leave so you do not come home to an uncomfortable home.