Solve Your Toilet Problems Once And For All

Your toilet is an often overlooked part of your house that is nevertheless crucial. Residential toilets see a lot of use, and a toilet that's in a state of disrepair can cause you a lot of problems. If you've been dealing with a toilet that leaks or refuses to flush, here are four tips that will help you get rid of your toilet issues for good:

1. Try using a plunger.

It's a good idea to keep a plunger around your house, since it's an inexpensive tool that can solve most minor plumbing problems. If you experience a clogged toilet, you may be able to work the clog free using a plunger. Fit the rubber mouth against your toilet's opening and press down to create a seal. Add pressure to create suction and repeat until the clog becomes dislodged.

2. Remember that not all clogs are visible.

It's easy to identify some clogs. When your toilet bowl is backed up and won't flush at all, you know you're dealing with a clog. However, sometimes clogged pipes can be harder to identify. In some cases, your toilet may still flush, but it might drain slowly or incompletely. In this case, you can still try using a plunger to clear the problem. This may not work for pipes that are deeply clogged. You can call for residential plumbing services, and a plumber will be able to use a snake to mechanically dislodge the item that's causing the blockage.

3. Increase the water level in your toilet.

Some people purchase toilets that use a smaller amount of water for conservation purposes. However, toilets require a minimum level of water to function correctly. If you find that you need to flush your toilet multiple times to clear waste out of the bowl, you may need to increase the overall water level. You can do this by raising the float in your toilet's tank. This will cause your toilet to fill with more water, which should lead to complete flushes.

4. Replace your toilet.

In some cases, your toilet's issues may be caused by a design flaw. Toilet manufacturers have improved their designs in the last few decades. If your home's toilet is several decades old, it may be an inferior model. Replacing your toilet can save you a lot of stress and frustration over the years to come. When you're ready to replace your toilet, all you need to do is pick out the model you want from a hardware supplier. Once you bring your toilet home, a residential plumbing service can do the rest. Some companies will even haul your old toilet away so you don't need to make an additional trip to the dump.