Be Proactive With Your Air Conditioning

When it comes to HVAC systems, most people have a basic understanding of how they work. They know they need to keep the filter clean and to have someone come out if the unit stops working, but the last one is quite obvious. When you can't get cool air from the air conditioner, you know you really need to call for help or your home will get hot. However, there are many other things you should learn about if you are going to ensure your system lasts for as long as possible. Here are some of the things that can happen that aren't quite as obvious and that warrant the need for repairs. 

Clogged condensation drain 

Your HVAC system will be designed so the condensation will go down the condensation drain. However, the drain can get clogged and when this happens the condensation won't be able to go down the drain, so you will have water spreading to other areas. This can cause mold and water damage. 

Also, when the drain ends up becoming clogged like this, the unit is designed to shut off to avoid problems from an excessive amount of condensation, but this doesn't always happen. The drain will need to be unclogged and the system reset, and any damage from the water will need to be tended to. You may be able to determine that this is the cause of your issues if you notice a musty smell in the air or near the vents. 

Outside unit is sinking

The outside unit should have been placed on a concrete pad that prevents the unit from shifting in the soil or from sinking. Sometimes corners are cut and the units aren't placed on concrete pads. Or, sometimes the concrete pad itself can shift or begin to sink further down in the soil. 

You want to check the outside unit periodically to make sure it isn't sinking into the soil, and if it is, then have someone come out to take care of the problem. Also, checking on the unit gives you the opportunity to weed around it since you want to keep a couple of feet around it completely clear.


The best thing you can always do for your system is never put off having things looked at by a technician when something seems to be going on with the air conditioning. This can help you to keep it working for a long time and make sure it is doing so efficiently.

For more information, contact an air conditioning repair service.