Air Conditioning Installation: Reasons Why You Should Install A Ductless AC System

Are you looking for a smart way to upgrade your old AC unit? Then, you should go for a ductless air conditioner. These units and ductless mini-split systems are becoming a popular choice for many homeowners. They're affordable, and they can earn you huge rebates once they're installed. If you have limited space and you want AC installation with minimal disruption, investing in a ductless AC is the perfect move. Ductless split systems operate quietly, and they don't take up the space like a traditional AC unit. Here are more reasons why you should install a ductless AC system.

Minimum Energy Loss

When a ductless AC system is installed in your home unit, you'll avoid energy loss. Other duct-based systems will present holes and gaps within the ductwork, meaning consistent energy loss and high energy costs. With a ductless mini-split, cool air enters your home directly. There's practically no energy loss. Centralized AC systems can suffer energy loss from duct problems. When you install a ductless AC, you don't need duct repairs and you won't suffer airflow problems. A reliable air conditioning installation service will guide you on energy efficiency and ductless AC unit positioning.

Saves Space

Ductless AC systems are preferred due to their compactness. When you install one, you enjoy a unit that blends into your home without obstructing your views. You can contact skilled air conditioning installation professionals to install them on the wall or a utility cabinet. Ductless systems offer different designs and shapes. They offer you excellent customization and you can install them discreetly. Space-wise, the indoor air handler and the outdoor heat pump is easy to install. The outdoor unit connects at least four indoor handlers in different rooms.

Easy Installation

A ductless AC unit offers ease of installation. A reliable air conditioning installation technician only needs to drill a hole and insert a conduit. This is the cheaper option compared to extending the ductwork when you have a new home extension. Your AC installation technician can accomplish the installation within one day.

Increases Energy Efficiency

If you want to accomplish energy efficacy goals at home, consider ductless mini-split systems. These units allow you to switch off cooling in rooms you're not using. These systems don't require ductwork, meaning you save energy that's lost through ducts, leaks, and cracks. Ductless AC units offer built-in zone control that other AC systems cannot offer. If you want to improve energy efficiency with a ductless mini-split system, contact a ductless AC installation service near you.

For more information, contact an air conditioning installation service today.