Settling Into Your First Home? 3 Tips For Maintaining Your HVAC System

The process of becoming a first-time homeowner is a stressful but worthwhile experience. But most homeowners find that their new home will still need their attention even after the boxes are unpacked and the furnishings are arranged. 

An excellent example of this involves maintaining the major systems of the home, such as the components that make up the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. If you are a first-time homeowner ready to learn about the basic maintenance needs of your home's heating and cooling system, these tips are sure to help. 

Be diligent about filter changes

One of the most important actions homeowners can take to maintain their home's HVAC system is to be diligent about changing the filter. Cooling and heating the interior of a home requires the HVAC system to move massive amounts of air every time the system cycles on. 

When this airflow is impeded by a dirty or clogged filter, the components of the HVAC system must begin working longer and harder as they attempt to keep the home at the desired temperature setting. Changing the HVAC filter on a frequent, regular basis is an important maintenance task that will help homeowners reduce their home heating and cooling costs while also lessening the need for HVAC component repair or replacement. 

Install and utilize a programmable thermostat

First-time homeowners should also make sure that the home is equipped with a programmable thermostat and learn to use it. Programming the thermostat based on the family's schedule allows the homeowner to reduce energy usage during the hours that the home is unoccupied or when the family is sleeping. 

In addition to energy conservation, the use of a programmable thermostat can help ensure that the home's interior temperature is constant and comfortable. Many inexpensive programmable thermostats also allow homeowners to monitor or adjust their HVAC settings via the internet as well as provide critical alerts in real time about system performance. 

Be proactive with scheduled maintenance 

Another important tip for first-time homeowners is to be proactive about scheduling regular HVAC maintenance. Scheduling routine maintenance visits once or twice per year will ensure that each component is examined regularly to ensure that it is functioning correctly. 

As mechanical and electrical components of the HVAC system age, wear issues can develop, including worn belts and bearings, problems with electronic ignition or pilot lights, and faulty electrical switches. During a regular maintenance visit, skilled HVAC technicians will assess the system for developing problems and make needed adjustments for more efficient performance.