AC Installation And The Benefits Of A Central Cooling System

What are the benefits of central air conditioning? If you're not sure which type of system is the right choice for your home, it's time to learn more about one of the most popular options. Before you schedule an AC installation appointment, take a look at what you need to know about central cooling.

Central AC Cools Your Whole Home

Do you stay in one room or area of your house all day? If you don't, you need an air conditioner that can cool multiple spaces at the same time. Central air conditioning units push cool air through ductwork, into vents, and finally into each room of the home. This makes it possible to cool every room (with a vent) at the same time. If your family members spend time in different rooms or you move from one area to another often, central AC is a cooling option to seriously explore.

Central AC Doesn't Take Up Much Room Space

The vents in your rooms won't take up a significant amount of space. You can place the system's vents on the base of a wall, at the top of a wall, on the floor, or on the ceiling. Unlike a bulky window air conditioner, the smaller-sized central system's vents won't become a focal point of a room. If you want the vents to blend seamlessly into the rest of the room's décor, ask the HVAC contractor about a ceiling or high-wall installation option.

Central AC Can Dehumidify Too

Central air conditioning does more than just cool your home. This type of system also dehumidifies the air, adding to the overall interior comfort. To make the most of the system's ability to remove moisture from the air, make sure the air conditioner is sized correctly. Professional AC installation services can help to reduce the risks of a mis-sized system. A qualified HVAC contractor can assess your home and its cooling needs before you invest in a new air conditioner.

Central AC Is Energy Efficient

More specifically—a new central AC system is energy efficient. Before you invest in an air conditioner, ask the contractor which model has the best SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating) number. The higher the SEER number, the more efficient the AC appliance is. This can help to save you money over time in home cooling costs.

Along with a high SEER number, choose a system with a thermal expansion valve and EER (energy efficiency ratio) rating above 11.6, a variable speed air handler, a fan-only switch, and an automatic-delay fan switch. These aspects of an air conditioner impact the efficiency and can help to decrease the overall energy use. For more information, contact an AC installation service