Why Should You Hire A Pro For Your Annual Steam Boiler Maintenance?

Although forced-air heating is typical in many newer homes, steam boilers are still exceptionally common across multiple regions on the east coast. Steam heating systems are efficient and often long-lasting, which is why so many older homes still use steam radiators. However, ensuring your system lasts for as long as possible means keeping up with your annual maintenance.

While you can attempt to do some aspects of maintenance on your own, it's often a better idea to schedule a visit with a professional HVAC technician at least once per year. If you haven't been keeping up with this critical task, here are three reasons why your steam boiler should get expert attention at least once per year.

1. Experts Understand How Your Boiler Should Perform

There's more to the correct operation of a steam boiler than simply asking if it generates heat. Your boiler may be keeping your home warm, even if there are subtle signs of ongoing trouble. These issues may be relatively small right now, but they can progress into more significant (and costly) problems down the line.

Part of any annual maintenance process involves inspecting the boiler for proper operation. A professional HVAC technician can recognize the signs of a boiler that isn't performing as it should. By scheduling an annual visit, you may be able to discover issues while you can still fix them relatively cheaply and easily.

2. Some Disassembly May Be Required

Maintaining a boiler involves checking and cleaning numerous parts which may not be easily accessible on all models. For example, you may not have an access port on your exhaust flue, which can make it challenging to check the path for debris or obstructions. In these cases, a technician will need to disassemble the flue connection to check for problems.

Other critical components should also be removed, checked, and cleaned at least once per year. These include the burners, burner assembly, and sight glass. If you aren't comfortable removing parts from your boiler, it's best to leave these tasks to a professional.

3. Your Boiler Includes Critical Safety Equipment

In addition to checking functional parts, your maintenance and inspection procedure must include checking critical safety features such as the spill switch, low-water cutoff, and relief valve. If you don't know how to inspect these parts and confirm that they are operating correctly, you may be leaving yourself without the essential components necessary for your safety.

The cost of an annual maintenance visit is relatively low, so it's worth considering hiring a professional to handle this job instead of doing it yourself. The extra money you spend will save you time, ensure your boiler runs as efficiently as possible, and give you peace of mind that your heating system is running safely.

Reach out to a local HVAC preventative maintenance care professional for more information.