Six Incorrect Assumptions Homeowners Sometimes Make About Their Heating System

With winter weather right around the corner, it's important that you're well informed about the operation and condition of your heating system. As such, the following are six incorrect assumptions homeowners sometimes make about their heating system. 

Continuing to use an old heating system is cheaper than replacing it.

As a heating system ages, it can become significantly less efficient. This means that it will consume more energy and drive up utility costs. In the long run, it's typically less expensive to get an old heating system replaced rather than to keep using old, inefficient equipment. 

Space heaters are a cheaper way to heat cold spots than a heating system.

You should discuss any holes in your heating system coverage with your heating service rather than simply trying to remedy the problem with space heaters.

Although space heaters can heat the space right in front of them well, they are not an effective means of heating large areas or entire rooms. Space heaters also tend to consume a lot of energy. This makes heating system adjustments the best solution to cold spots in your home interiors. 

A heating system consumes less energy if vents to unused rooms are closed.

Closing vents isn't always a good solution to minimize the energy consumption of a heating system. In some cases, closing vents could cause pressure buildup within a system, which could lead to damage and wasted energy. 

You should discuss closing vents with your heating service before you go ahead and do this in an attempt to save energy. Your heating service might recommend a better energy-saving solution if you're concerned about energy consumption and utility bills. 

Turning off a home's heating system when you go out is a good idea.

When you turn off your heating system entirely when you go out, it takes a lot of energy to get your interiors back up to comfortable temperatures when you return. You also could put your home at risk of experiencing frozen pipes if you leave your heating system off in the winter for too long. 

While turning your thermostat down when you go out is a good idea, it's not a good idea to turn your heating system off entirely. 

Heating system inspections aren't necessary if everything seems to be working fine.

You shouldn't assume that a heating system that's not exhibiting any malfunctions doesn't need attention from an HVAC service. Most manufacturers recommend furnace inspections on an annual basis to ensure that everything is functioning normally. 

A larger heating system always means more effective home heating.

Bigger does not always mean better when it comes to home heating system size. A heating system needs to be properly sized for a home. If a system is too big, this could lead to malfunctions such as short cycling that will detract from the heating system's effectiveness. For more information, contact a heating system service.