5 Problems That Require The Attention Of Commercial Refrigeration Services

A faulty commercial refrigeration system portends several problems. It can affect product safety because perishable food products will spoil. It will also hamper productivity because your team cannot work without a product, which translates into losses. A faulty system also becomes energy inefficient and raises your power bills. However, you can ensure your refrigeration has little downtime by engaging commercial refrigeration services for regular repair and maintenance. What are some problems they can solve?

1. Temperature Fluctuations

Unstable temperatures can lead to product damage and make your refrigeration useless. Fluctuations can happen because of several factors; faulty thermostat or compressor, refrigeration leaks, leaky door gaskets, leaking refrigerant, and incorrect thermostat settings.

You need refrigeration contractors to diagnose, test and identify the source of the problem. They will fix it in various ways, with repairs done on-site. This should be an emergency because of the risks of product damage.

2. Ice Buildup

An ice buildup can be caused by a faulty thermostat, improper insulation or ventilation, wrong air conditioning ducts, or incorrect fan speeds. Ice can also build up on evaporator coils when you have very low temperature settings, the defrost system is faulty, or dirty filters and fans. It could also happen when the evaporator fan motor fails.

Refrigeration contractors will check your AC system and identify the problem. They will then do the necessary repairs and adjustments. 

3. Unusual Noises

Refrigeration systems are noisy, but they should not produce unusual noises that are loud enough to interfere with work and conversations in your workplace. Unusual noises can be caused by several factors, including faulty compressors, loose fan belts, and rusting coils. Refrigeration contractors will listen to the sound and identify the problem. They will then make repairs and adjustments to make the unit quiet again.

4. Condenser Problems

A faulty condenser can result in poor performance and higher energy costs. The condenser is a complex unit with various components that need delicate compression. Condenser problems can come from debris and dirt intrusion. They can also happen because of wear and tear. Refrigeration contractors will take apart the condenser and identify any problems.

5. Refrigerator Power 

Problems with refrigeration power systems can be caused by several factors, including loose power connections or corroded wiring. This problem is also an emergency because it means you are running without a vital food preservation service.

Refrigeration contractors will test the system's power components and identify the problem. They will also check if the problem is coming from your building's power supply.

Are you concerned about your commercial refrigeration's performance? Talk to commercial refrigeration contractors to diagnose and fix any problems.