3 Reasons To Call An HVAC Contractor To Get Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer

It's a good idea to call an HVAC contractor to check your air conditioner before you turn it on for the summer. The check is fairly quick, and you won't be bothered too much. However, the contractor needs to check the air handler inside as well as the condenser that sits outside. These are three reasons why you don't want to forget to have your AC checked before summer.

1. The Air Handler Might Be Dirty

The air handler is part of your furnace, so it runs all winter when you're using heat and then all summer when you're running the air conditioner. The air handler blows air through your house, and it can pull dust inside and get the blower dusty and dirty. The dust might even get on the evaporator coil, which is another important part used by your air conditioner.

You might start off the summer cooling season with dirty parts in the air handler, and it's important to have them cleaned off so your AC can work efficiently. Once the air handler is cleaned, you can keep it as clean as possible by changing the filter on time throughout the summer.

2. The Wiring Might Be Damaged

Since your condenser is outdoors, it's an enticing place for mice during the winter. If mice get in the condenser, they might chew on the wiring, or they might just knock wiring loose.

When the HVAC contractor checks the condenser during the service visit, they'll check the wiring to make sure it is in good shape and attached properly to the contactor, fan, and capacitor. If the wiring is damaged, the contractor can replace it and keep your AC from breaking down later in the season.

3. A Copper Refrigerant Line Might Have A Hole

The refrigerant flows through your air conditioner in a copper line. The line is durable and sturdy, so you may never have a refrigerant leak. However, if the copper refrigerant line is punctured somehow, the HVAC contractor has to patch it and then fill the refrigerant back up.

Sometimes, holes in refrigerant lines are so small that the leak is very slow. That means your AC might run for a long time with less refrigerant than it needs. That can drive up your electric bill and make your AC less efficient.

A contractor from a company like ZAP Cooling & Heating checks the refrigerant level to make sure it's where it needs to be for your AC to keep you nice and cool all summer. If the level is low, the contractor knows they need to find a leak and fix it so your air conditioner won't stop cooling when you need it most on a hot day.