3 Hacks For Fixing The Most Common AC Complications

A working air conditioning system helps you maintain your comfort, even when temperatures are extremely high. That said, many homeowners believe they can service their AC systems for optimal performance. However, note that this is not the case, and you might do more harm than good. On the other hand, signing up for an AC servicing program will offer you improved benefits than when doing it yourself. More importantly, learning tips on combating the most common system complication can help you avoid getting caught off guard when a problem develops. Here are three tricks that can help you fix the most common complications.

When the Unit Cycles on and Off Too Fast

The air conditioning system turns on when the temperature in the room rises above the thermostat settings. It then runs until it has normalized the temperature and cycles off. With time, you get accustomed to the length of the on-and-off cycles. So, if you have a problem with a part of the system, you will notice an increase in the speed at which cycling happens. 

You should know a common cause of the problem is a faulty thermostat. This happens when it keeps giving the wrong temperature readings, forcing the system to cycle on and off at the wrong time. Dirty air filters can also interfere with the temperature and volume of the air circulating in the home, eventually leading to faster on-and-off cycles. However, you can combat this system malfunction by ensuring your thermostat works as intended. This means working batteries and correct positioning in the house. Also, always ensure your system has clean filters for proper airflow.

When the Unit Blows Hot Air

It's completely uncomfortable to turn on your air conditioner only for it to blow hot air. Note that the most common reason this happens is low refrigerant levels. More so, it could be because you have a puncture in the evaporator or condenser coils. You should know that this is a problem only an AC technician can handle because the fluid is volatile and needs a trained and experienced person to refill it. The process will also include sealing the leaking part of the system, which you might not have the skills to perform. Also, you might not know the best type of refrigerant for your unit.

When the Unit Doesn't go Off

The air conditioning unit is supposed to go off once it has reached optimal temperatures inside the home. However, a dysfunctional one will keep running, raising your heating bill. When this happens, your thermostat is the first you should check to see if there is this problem. In such a case, you can adjust it to restore the system's functionality. However, you should call a technician to replace it if it's completely damaged.

These are simple yet efficient hacks to help you deal with common air conditioner issues. Note that it is best to call aresidential AC repair technician to deal with problems involving component repair or replacement.