Understanding How Dirt Can Prevent The Air Ducts From Working Properly

When the air duct system starts to get clogged down, you may notice that dust sifts through the air ducts each time you turn on your home's heating or cleaning unit. This could be caused by a variety of reasons, such as pet hair, dust from a recent remodeling project, or dust from the grill plates concealing your air registers. The dust sifting through the air may be an indicator that it's time to have your air duct system cleaned out.

Signs That You Should Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Dust, dirt, and mold can all collect in your air ducts. This debris then circulates through your home each time the air conditioner or furnace pops on. In some cases this is simply a nuisance, while in others it can aggravate allergies or affect breathing. Air duct cleaning can solve this issue. The following are some signs that it may be time to consider cleaning your ducts. #1: Musty or stale odors

A Few Reasons To Have A Geothermal Heat Pump For Your HVAC System

If you are having new construction done, or need to replace your current HVAC system, you really should consider having a geothermal heat pump installed. While the initial cost is going to be higher than a traditional system, in the long run it will not only save you money but has other benefits too. Here are just a few of the advantages you will notice. Lower Energy Bills Because a heat pump does not actually create heat, you do not need any fossil fuels for it the way other heating systems do.

How To Defrost Your Frozen AC Unit And Keep It From Freezing Again

Your air conditioner's job is to keep your home cool – but what happens when the air conditioner itself becomes so cold that it freezes over? A frozen AC unit won't work well, if it will even kick on at all, so it's important to take action and defrost your unit. Then, you'll want to take steps to prevent it from freezing over again. Here's what to do: 1. Turn the System Off

4 Health Problems Potentially Caused By Your Home's Air Conditioner

Air conditioners that aren't functioning properly can do more than make your home warm. There are actually health conditions that you could be more at risk for due to an AC unit that is not functioning properly. Know about these 4 health risks that could affect you and those in your home. Respiratory Infections An AC unit that has not been properly maintained can increase your chance of getting a respiratory tract infection.